Back in action with prawns on the grill

Let me tell you a story, I’ll try to make it brief. Once upon a time there was a massage therapist and a contractor that worked very very hard for a very long time. They loved their work and lived in a sweet little coastal community where they were at home for a long time…. 

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Brazilian style beef skewers ala Olympics

The wild melting pot called Brazil

All eyes are turned to Rio De Janeiro Brazil and the Olympic games right now. I am always fascinated with the Olympic games. I’m drawn in by the talent, commitment and determination of the athletes that stuns me in and the amazing diversity of all of the participants and their varied backgrounds. As usual, I… 

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Moroccan-ish carrot salad

A love letter to carrots, way overdue ♥

Dear carrots; I want to apologize for ever taking you for granted. I have always just seen you as a vegetable in the background like that completely unremarkable music in the doctor’s office. It is easy to take you for granted because you are always in the vegetable isle come rain or shine or season…. 

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Rhubarb, the Beauty and the Beast

“Rhubarb and patience can work wonders.” Old German proverb Rhubarb is a bit of a venomous beast with beautiful delicious stalks. It is a rather dinosaur looking plant with long lovely red stalks and spiky big leaves. The red stalks are edible and are the darling of the pie world. The beastly part of rhubarb… 

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My favorite spice mixes

Spice up your life and your health

For as long as cooks have been putting food to flame, herbs and spices have been there adding flavors and aromas. We take them for a grain of salt (pun intended) but spices are serious stuff. In their day, the spice trade was the world’s most vibrant industry. It established and destroyed empires, started wars,… 

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